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About Us

About Us

A California Labchoice Corporation  is a California, USA based company dedicated to providing customers with Clinical, Medical and Laboratory related products such as a complete line of histology, Pathology and chemistry  reagents/supplies at competitive prices. We have built our reputation on the ability to deliver quality products, with competitive pricing and excellent service.

We are known for our expertise in the clinical laboratory but we are also a distributor of medical/clinical products.

Our web site is designed for quick and easy access to information about the products we sell and the markets we serve throughout Southern & Northern California and beyond.

A quick tour through our site will familiarize you with product lines produced by leading laboratory supply manufacturers worldwide. You'll also learn more about our products, level of customer service and support staff dedicated to carrying on a Twenty Seven year tradition of service to clinical and laboratory professionals and administrators.

With a strong sales force and dedicated support staff, our commitment to you is providing the Excellence in Customer Service.

A California Labchoice is
"The Only Source"
for your Laboratory and Clinical needs.